Sunday, January 20, 2008

Run just to run

I just had to get out to run and still just to cold and having to treadmill it again.
At the gym it was quiet only one person there the whole time for 3 reasons small town, 9:30p.m., and a gym tucked inside of an old drug store. I thought I'd try to PR in a 5k and that would be good for the day if I did. If not I would go 4 Miles needless to say I didn't make the PR. I guess to many good times for the week already tried to break it at the 4 but ran out of steam. It was a good run for the hour I had to do it in. It was nice to just clear the mind for the while and push it. I said once in an email I have 3 things to run for and they are (reason) (will) and (goal) and unlike a Kona triathlete that lost that reason because he had attaind the goal and lost allot of motivation. I believe my goal will be hard to achieve but sill could be done. Then there would be no use for the blog if I have. Though one day it will be attained. I am going I think for one of 3 races here the big O, The tim man long course or the eizenhourer marathon. Hopefully a little money will come in somewhere.

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