Thursday, January 24, 2008

What they might think

I wander what they might think when I get off that tredmill after an hour. The long period of just running and if that towel drops or something good on the tube. I'm still straight away on the tread mill. At the hours end or 6 miles the shirt is soaked and ready to be rung out but usually the bike is next. Which makes it worse. There is 80% of the time the large ones, though you have to give them credit there out there trying are right in front while I'm on the bike. You have to wander how many are really there for the New Years res. and how long it will last. Where at the begining of the year there is the big upswing in people and memberships. Not dragging on those but you cannot wait till it thins which always happens. So well today it was 6 miles at 51:50 and a 5 mile bike at 10:00.

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