Saturday, October 25, 2008

What else????

I don't know lets say only 5 hrs worked today and just about as many tkt's to locate. Feeling discouraged but not giving up and finding out 10 months out is just a little shaky on getting back in the groove of finding locations and on the computer is challenging at times. This weekend I'm cutting the losses and getting home. Some quick straighten and just as I planned a nice 2 hour run to finish this off. I was a good run to, no tired legs right in the low 60's and a little breeze. Which made a easy 13 miler the longest since the race. It just didn't feel right that 8 miler just wasn't long enough.

I did got the lecture though that how someone had held back to let me run and how Ive got how long till the next race. That I can hold back for the next 2 months for the family and still train in as much time as I had for this one. I just went for a run while Nana and eveyone was watching TV.

A little cross-fit is in order I do believe!!!

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