Monday, December 1, 2008

A fresh start

That what they call it a fresh start, here on both fronts home and running. The running is pretty much a personal decision is gone down but not out I just don't want to burn out it being lacking a lot. That was the hardest I've trained in the last year that I have been running. No I'm not shutting it down. I'm getting registered for one of 2 races for Christmas this year, the Free State 100k or the Spirit of the Prairie 100. I hope to do both as I want to make my goal this year to then have fun after that. The 50 really was not that bad this last year and I really want to feel it this time around. I have only 2 goals to these races and one is to just finish because you that do run in a few ultra's see there is no great crowd, but a family type feeling and not having to be in some great limelight. To know that you did it and and you are part of the less than less of .01 of 1%. For me these next 2 are very important to make as I will make it to the finish one way or the other. That is the first and only goal of the day!

On the other hand the one thing that may hinder 1 race is the the home front and this ship has been hit by the berg and is going down. There is no saving it here as the water is flooding in and its pretty well known when the bow is going under and I cannot and will not be asked for a second race entry. The only reason I have to except this one is it's for X-mas. Which still disgusts me that some one has to pay for my race. The ending of this year does not help but these are redemption races for my mental sake something I have to do on my own and now will have to leave a present behind to cover the fee. Other than that little bird ruining someones surprise it was a great Thanksgiving calm, quiet, quick and simple.

Want great motivation imagine someone asking you these 2 questions varied though:

1. Why do you want to do one of those when you have not even done a regular marathon?

2. Why are you setting yourself up for failure?

And that person your ______ .

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