Saturday, November 22, 2008

A goodbye and Relief

Just got back last night from a funeral in Beleville, Il. (funerals)I don't know they just seem different to me anymore my grandmother had passed on Tues, 18th and buried on the 21st. It was quick and seem somewhat painless. She had it planned down to the tee and her son to make sure that is was that way. The family from my mothers side came out of the woodwork an started coming up with cousins I never seen and heard of. She excitingly showing all the 5 boys off and going over what they do or did. Like myself running my 50 mile ultra thats all I heard. It was to be kept low thats why I did it in the middle of nowhere. Thats why when they asked are you crazy I'd say in the straightest face yes but don't tell anyone they don't know it yet. It seemed like the one last time that everyone there the whole side of this family would get together. Which I believe is to true. She was the only one that could do that. The old German heritage and and nothing going to waste. To put up with us 5 boys and a couple staying there for a time when grampa was there was still something. She would not have been happy with the present election like when I dated a Japanese/black girl when living staying there for a time. We'll remember that we always had to clean our plate, watch her soaps that she watched for countless years, to keep things straight and countless nights of popcorn and soda. Always willing to help but never straying from that small little town that really is not so small anymore.
Well you had a good life and were happy or atleast didn't complain you will be missed.

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