Sunday, August 3, 2008

It was HOT!!!

I just got up way to late to run but no time left in the day to go some other time. So here I go 2 small water bottles, Ipod and a garmin. The sun was getting over the trees by the time I got to the lake and you could feel the heat and humidity rising by the minute. I was also thinking it would have been a better choice to have gone to Newton to pick up my daughter coming back from the grandparents. I though on the other hand had a run in with an old guy that had no common respect for other people around the lake and speeding by and kicking up much dirt for all the walkers and runners to deal with. He saying that I'm the only one that had a problem with him and his blue van and other gray haired fishing buddy and silver/blue truck. I came back with no one else has the balls these days because there all afraid someone will pull something on them and unfortunately I'm to stupid to know any better. I also said I've been told I'm an a___h---- and I slow down for people so they don't have to eat the road. Well hopefully I am fixing his cookie because knowing 2 of the city council we can get that speed knocked down to 10 with some enforcement. Which one of them when I got a hold of him said it was a great idea and can happen but not overnight. Other than that it was a great run of 15.44 at 3hr 1min felt pretty good after getting done. Just one more extra blister and a little chaffing to man up a bit. Well they got home got unpacked and the daughter and I went to the pool for a little regular and family swim with the wife cooking up the dinner since she could not go because of just getting a tattoo. Great dinner and bike ride after to finish off the evening which cooled off or I just got use to it. I'll take either way though.

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