Monday, August 11, 2008

the 5 hr run

It went pretty good 4:53:something and 27.13 miles a few shy because of a severe stom that was coming up. I no I'm not whining because of a little rain I had been running in it all day. Having to bring out and put away the Ipod for the whole 5 hours. The other rumbles and lighting yesterday were all up in the clouds though this one didn't want to go that way we had lightning coming down everywhere and I just didn't want the wife to get that lucky. It was not all that bad though if I would not have stopped to hand a freinds house key and get a check plus stop and talk to another runner (NO not Adam) that was going out as I was coming in I would have broke 30. That will be left up to next time.

Both of these runs are after work which is the only way they will get done. Today was to be a 3 hour run though I made 2:45 with 15 miles in. It just got to late and I had to get up for work at 4:30. The problem was the wife finally wanted to get the boarder up in the bathroom and be done with it. It was to only take 30 min but between prep getting it done and putting the bathroom back togather. which didn't leave much time left. I believe that was the kind of mileage the schedule was looking for though. It was hard to get it going usually takes just a mile to shake it all loose and it took about 2. It was pretty smooth after that. I did break my 13 mile PR but am not really sure of the exact time.

The days are flying by and I was really hoping to have a rest day today, but is not the case. My daughter and schools meet and greet, plus the wifes same for the HS on Tuesday. Which means if I'm going to get the run in it's going to be today. There was no loosening up there all 10 miles were pretty grueling. then knee's and legs just were not there. I was only about I believe less then a minute off pace. That's with no Ipod which is kind of shocking.

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