Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October's Lows and Highs and Lows

The month has been one. Getting my training in for my 50 miler at the last 2 weeks and at the same time one grandmother passes away. The weekend before the 50 was the funeral with only a fishing hat and lures and a urn on the alter. Still a moving send off and not being able to go to any reception because of a tit with the parents. Thats because they cannot say they were wrong on how they went about something from long ago and can never call to let us know they are coming or if it would be a bad time.

The race though was a beautiful thing though I had only planed about 12hrs. give or take not a 9:38:20. Where the wife said don't plan on us being up there, but did make it to the race. Then told more people than I have. I got on my phone and went through the list of names and not one out of 200 did I or would have had a reason to call and tell. Well don't think jeez I still think it's funny today. Thats the reason I picked that race for no one else but me around here.

Then things going wrong the heater no phone no internet both rear tires on the company truck the strike not ending, having to work 3 jobs almost having a damage on a locate on a 4in gas main. Just when it's starting to look up with the strike I get a call, the grandmother in Il. had a stroke last week (yeah they just got around to telling me) at least it's before there making plans to put her under this time. The left side is done and can't swallow she does not want a feeding tube. So it is ruffly about 7 to 10 days.

I did though get in a good 10 miler in 1:30 and did it ever feel good I relieved alot of stress from it I did not listen to the quiet around me or any of that. This was a time of escape and just putting one foot in front of the other. Listening to a little Godsmack and Judist Priest and just feeding off the beat But just enough aware to be able to wave at a curtain school nurse so she cannot say I am rude because I did not say HI

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