Saturday, August 23, 2008

One hec of a week and 48 days to go

I can't believe this week, though it is after a somewhat recovery week. I cannot get over that I have blown 2 of my personal training records away this week. One for the 10 mile and one for the 26.2 mile unsupported even by the wife I might add. For the 10 I made a best of 1:19:57 on Friday I was feeling great and ran at a strong pace the whole way to and around the lake and passed one of the school principles twice. A little (Godsmack) Hollow, Sick of life and Temptation along with a little Ted N. helped a great deal to. I have a pace down and I know its still just a little to fast but to get the miles in the time the schedule my short legs have to pick it up a little. There I know I am thinking wrong there to. I am though not pushing it to the point of possible injury. There's to much riding on this ultra all I need to do is finish. The second best PR training run is 26.2 that one was Saturday today with another unsupported with just a water bottle and 2 granola bars I made it in 04:26:42 and shaved off a good 20 minutes from the last one. Now as long as we don't see a union strike from Boeing I am good. We would be looking a 3 day work weeks at my job which depends on them and or a 21 day shut down. Which means I'd be working 7 days and not knowing when I'd be getting off the other 4 days that are the most important. The paperwork and the UA is done and now ready for my word go to be a locater again from previous job for those other days. A 3 hour run is scheduled for tomorrow It is from what I can feel right now is going mind toughening. BECAUSE IT CAN BE DONE!!! To tomorrow.

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Journal of sorts said...

To who left the last comment I really don't care what you believe about the company in question. My main concern is my family and the race that I have been waiting for for 5 years for and to get some advice on how to finish it. I don't need your politics's here. This is a release and get away zone. So please take it elsewhere. I am IAM.