Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still above 80 days left

Still just a tad over 80day's left to the race. Does not look like that many days on the schedule though. Made my 2 hr run plus 35 more minutes to knock off 14 more miles. Then knee feels a little better but I think'in it's shin splints. I going just a little bit slow for my taste but I'm making the time goal and keeping it together for next weekends long runs. The Schedule has the weekend block with a really long run like a 20-24 4 hrs. then a 10-13 2 hrs. for the second day. Next weekend will be a bear because there are no early mornings working 1st shift. They'll be a couple of hot ones. Though Tues. thru Thur. not looking to cool either. We were to go to the water park but wifes friend was having problems so we I the daughter and the wifes friends daughter went to the public pool and I got 500 meters in. All in all the wife was doing pretty good even after the scare. I got things straightened around here and a good evening of kicking back in the chair.

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