Friday, June 6, 2008

Training for the 50 and long time from posting

It got a little warmer and I started running outside. It was great to get away from the treadmill. I will never say get on that thing again unless your walking. I had bumped up the mileage from 3/5/8 to 6/8/10 and a longer one on the weekend 15 to 20. Though it was longer than should have been. It was at a slower pace and was doing fairly well in handling it. I got just a little stiff just chalking that up to a few years.

I had handled everything then the second 20 miler learned a little about foot care with the 2ND toe looking like it was smashed. After the fact I seen the article on keeping them trimmed and somewhat filed to keep them from catching on socks.

It's now allot easier to go further. Running pretty much more than I should trying to get used to a higher stress level.From a podcast hearing about and getting into a few challenges you just can't get away. I'm just to competitive. For some other reason I am also still feeling that knee that could just go at any time it feels like.

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