Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's been a long time since a run with the daughter

It was a slow Sunday and didn't get around to quickly. My wife wanted the fall and Halloween stuff put up and Christmas brought down. I had plans for a 15 miler. Two things that are just was to conflicting. Well my Daughter and I raked and blew leaves out of the flower bed and yard, blew out the garage and started putting up and bringing down Halloween and X-mas boxes. I heard my daughter say and couldn't believe she wanted to get it done so she could run on the tredmill and she had let mom know she wanted to do it. She also asked me about my next race about a 20m / 40m / and100k she wanted to know about the 20. I thought she would most likly be able to finish a 20 and she's now thinking about it. Well I told mom I was going to get in 15 but would go for 10 to 13 If she could get her to run with me. Mom then convinced her to run and I was to be not a a-- and bug her to run alot but she wanted to go 4m and did it in 39 minutes. She actually took in tips and didn't complain except she was just mad her left foot was bruized from a volleyball game.

Well I got my 13 miles in and right at 2:00:00 could not have timed it any better. I am letting it simmer with her for awhile then we'll see. That would be very cool if she would.

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