Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nice run but not the best I've done

83 day's left to go till the Spirit. I did actually get up for my run this morning for a 8 miler. Sticking to the schedule I went out for 1:30 and got 8 in the bucket. Although the knee is starting to act up again the thing is I can't tell if it is from the previous or is a new thing from February's treadmill running with chin splints. I feels like I'm going to slow but I don't want to blow up the knee. It works as long as I don't go down a hill or go to fast. Well I seen 2 others out and didn't get them over to to help out. With one gal doesn't talk much and I got to involved talking about marathons with this guy that tried to pass me. That did the knee just as much good as the 500 meter swim I did at the pool is seems. Whoever said that swimming was better on your knee's I'd say should be flogged. But them again I don't learn very well when I go push hard a 10 mile ride at 8 pm either. I say it's to keep limber, but it's probably more that I can't quit. I'll see how it works out come morning for the 3 hr. or more training run in the morning.

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