Thursday, June 12, 2008

Addicted and Running funny

Still running the challenges from runnerplus and they'll probably be the end of me. Cannot quit them. Then knee almost went running the grsass and ditchlines you have to watch where the hell your going. I went down and then had to take 5 days off and had to take being the second loser in line which would be 3rd place. Plus a little my fault to I could have been running but a little need of erratating someone and kind of saying the hell with it. Then I thought what the heck I'm I doing I'm only going to get this one chance most likly for this. Especially just to prove her wrong.
You know that very great question for the 50 mile trail run (why are you setting yourself up for failure?). You know I'm going to make it one way or another! So I'm at it hard again. Won some adidas response 16's though the mountain dew's promo oldschoolornew. Getting it togather one piece at a time. Ran in them last night and man I have to waite to train in them not to use them up before then. Failure is not a option!!!! Last night my daughter and I with the waterballoons I was running out and sprinting is not an option. The legs would just not go and I got at least a couple glasses of water. Just felt like dead legs and it does take me about 1 or 2 miles to really get going along with the 3 inner toes still getting numb on the left foot. No doctor's though till after the race though I'm not taking any chances. At least till then.

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