Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That is what I'm told at least till the pain in the knee goes away then take it very easy. It is getting alot better one day then hurts all day the next. How can you do that. Well I have and it's not fun. It is takeing its toll when you can suppress the pain in your mind for so long it starts to wear. I am also thinking, I have to make a 1000 miles running this year. It still hurt's and it's been wraped and ben-gayed to get it done. To no avail. This is almost 2 weeks in to Feb. again and I've done it this year myself and messed up the 2 races that I wanted to do. That would have been the Rocky K 50 mile trail and the Kansas Half Ironman 70.3. That looks to be not happening. Still looking at one I have my fall back races. My goal will be and was just to finish any of them with the fall backs in order The Topeka Tin Man (15k-50m-5k)around that and The Spirit of the Prairie 50m or 100m trail race in which if I am not able to do the first 2 the it will be the Tin man and the 100m trail. I am told on the second I am crazy and stupid, but I just say insane. I will make it one way or the other. As per in a post before I have that reason you have to have that and second the will to do it and I will never lose that because of that reason and goal. This is on the lighter side what every runner dreams of (The long road ahead).

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