Friday, August 15, 2008

Fordging away

Yes it’s been a few but not that long Tuesday the 12th I had the teacher meet and greet with the daughter and took that as the day off / rest day. Stayed out of trouble not mentioning my running unless someone other than myself did. Which though it did anyway with people telling me I do run a lot and or they see me running everywhere. I was only able to say I was in training for an ultra and that was it.

Wednesday was a tough day there for awhile but did finally got my stride in there. Though it was no record it was a good run. 10 miles to the garmin All but for the signage that the city put around the lake on the west side was worthless. Inside of both blind turns that was so unbelievable were 2 signs saying 20 mpg. For any runner or walker that happened to be on the other side to late by then .I’ve been almost hit 3 X’s and that was my 1st round and only got 3 extra signs for 20 mpg put up. I’m working on the next step and could use any idea’s!

Yesterday I had another great 10 miler again and made a training PR of 1:26:44. I guess it helps to listen to a little Ted Nugent. Pretty good I’d say since I paused a couple of times to see what a couple people thought of the signs that were just put up, in which they thought the same way.

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