Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I made my 1st Marathon

I made my first marathon the day before Fathers day! I was feeling good and had time for a long run. I didn't think for that long though starting out for just a 20 miler I I though about what the wife said (why do you want to do that race when you haven't even done a regular marathon and why are you setting yourself up for failure) and I thought I had the time and even if I didn't why not. I had 2 power aide bottles of ice and it was 91'deg and she was not going to take it away from me this time because I had no phone and she was not going to go out and find me. So I kept going. The only sad part is no one even saw the 26.2 except for 2 guys out at the north end of the lake that thought stupid or just plain crazy for doing it in the heat or just running at all. It all took 5:00:23 but I finished from 4:30 to 9:30 at night is what it took.
I did it! Now she could .......fly a kite! Now will I still be ready and able to keep the momentum even after a few so called discussions we have. I'm thnking now that I was on the money and a good thing that I had ran the 26.2. As you'll see why in the buckeye outdoors calander of runs.

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