Wednesday, September 17, 2008

23 Days 6 hrs to go

        I'm into the last big weekend of the training schedule or of my thoughts since I adjusted it just a little. I had a 4 hr and 5 hr day last weekend giving me 20 miles one day and 25 on the other. Plus going over board doing 10 to 13 mile runs for the other 3 days. I have wanted to blog on the training since the last posts but I keep falling asleep in front of the computer and then waking up around 2 am. Eating and as I just mentioned sleeping have not been my strong side and might be my downfall if not gotten under control. I do have one more big weekend to go and hope to get one over 30  miler in on Sunday.  With now working 6 days a week with 3 10hr days it has  been rough going. I had been asked how I am able to do all the packing in the miles from a web site in a challenge because he is getting shin splints just looking at my schedule. I say when this race is all you have until you make it there is no option to fail. I cannot fail. I have been waiting for this for 4 yrs and only able to train since Jan 1. I had been listening to podcasts on running alot to get ready for this also but as of late they I believe have let things slide I have heard the rumblings of I can't and it was rough I just got that in, and training for a marathon that will be there first that will be an eye opener when they go for it because I think the training is very lacking. My opinion though. I have had to go back to the stand by of anger and resentment to drive me from a certain part of life that I regret. Yes it is 20 years culminating to this. That is my one reason for no failure no quiting and no I can't. For me there is no walking off the course, no DNF. It will drive me to that fork in the road pushing me one way or the other to the finish. Enough of the whining because I'm feeling good and ready with only a slight groin ache thats worked out after 3 miles. Thurs and friday break Sat and Sun time to hit it and please send me some anger to get rid of. Taper has not started yet so the going joke is still that the wife may still get lucky.  This week did a 10 10 and a 4hr and then 5hr run sat and sun still to come. I  let you know as it goes.

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