Saturday, October 18, 2008

Payback and a good run

Trying for a run all the last week since the race w/ no luck w/ 3 works and a little pay back for the last 7 to 9 months. NO TIME
Good day so far w/no running yet this week and am working this sat locating in my old area feels good to be kind of back.
Feel good about yourself at least there not calling you personlly and only wanting some roger and not just one creditor about 10 or 12 on the company phone. No wander he is gone!!
daughters volley ball team wins it seems the important ones at least going for 1 or 2. And it will be 2nd they got there ___ 's handed to them.
back to work and it went pretty well 20 stop in 8.25 not bad not good. Now lets get to some possible running a good 10 would be great!!!
One good run 8 miles in 1:30:00 did that ever feel good but it was slow it seemed.

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