Monday, January 14, 2008

To make the cut off

Last night was awesome! Going on the bike in the last 10 minutes I thought, lets see if I can make the 10 miles in 30 like it was the cut off for the big O. I was just over 6 miles and was lagging behind I had only about 9 min left and at a usual 4 min mile pace that was not good. I though did pull it off and busted it out 10 sec before cut off. That was a damn good feeling to get it done, just for myself. Then do the 5 mile run which I surprisingly got my best PR of 42:30 on a treadmill no less. I was a beautiful day after being a nasty one to start. It seemed nothing could go right for the last day and a half. It is the start of better things to come. Now to keep the pulled muscles and bruised feet away. You've only failed if you quit.

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