Friday, October 24, 2008

Sure it not Friday the 13th week!!!

Thank God the week is over no running so far, I believe I don't really remember. Its been so messed up with no phone viop and internet pilot on household heater won't stay lit and almost had a damage on a locate if it were not for the guy piggy backing on someone else dig ticket because I was dumb enough to leave myself open and not copy all the pictures. That's not enough either I had a flat tire on the company car yesterday and now one today and have to get fixed tonight to work tomorrow. Though to start off the day I had left my phone and camera at home in my vest at home. Less one more hour of lost time and then got the boss a little irratable at me because I didn't call him about a fiber standby yesterday on my first ticket. IVE HAD ENOUGH WEEK. ITS DONE, FINISHED. OH ONE MORE DAY. What else could go wrong?

The word is keep going it's gotta turn around sometime, you quit you lose.

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