Sunday, June 29, 2008

The weekend home alone

I just didn't feel to motivated to get going with them gone to the reunion. I had to still get up to work. Friday I went biking about a 16 mile ride quite nice w/ no Ipod and picked up some coke and power aide caps on the way and just and just lazy'd around. I got home on Saturday and fell asleep for a while. I didn't think it was that bad of a day to have to do that. Because it has been raining since early morning. Well I did get going enough for a 20 mile ride around the town and then to andover (not capitalized on purpose) from Augusta. Had not done that in awhile and along the way was chased down by a dog. Beautiful evening for a ride.

Almost there I went on the right of the barricades for construction and had to hold It straight for a mile on a 2 ft stretch that was 2 ft down past that along the road. Though when I got to andover I saw a pig and told him about the dog and how that said dog would be dead if it nip me or bit me. I know you think that is mean but I guarantee that would happen to mine if they did that. It is usually the sentence. He said he'd get someone notified. Trust in them I think not they were there again the dogs.

Sunday worked and just got home for 5 min and they showed up and she was in a rant. Nervous about the operation and having a scrimmage for the daughters softball team in an hour. It was not pretty. Well no running and just trying to be there for the family we went out it seemed like for her the last meal.(I believe she was thinking) Becca and I didn't quite get it a the store we for got the grapes. The world was coming to an end. I had also just got done getting on the daughter for being a little ruff with the grapes and the sack er from a 1 1/2 ft dropped the in the sack I WAS PISSED AND WENT OFF ON HER. Then called the manager of Dillons. She was apologetic. To make it quick got home then straight to scrimmage were the 10 and under state quaified team made them look pathetic.

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