Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The last week

Its been a hard last week I took a day off a couple days after the dog incident an last Wednesday my knee and calf seized up. It felt like someone was driving a stake though my calf everytime I came down on it jogging.
I went to the school sports trainer where he looked at it and told me I should lay off the running for a week or I may not finish or even start my 2 races this summer. He did kneed it an put the ultra sound on the knee and back and right side of the calve which I think helped after 2 days. This was also with no cycling or work on that leg.
Then again I could not stand it anymore. I lasted till Tues 4/27 in the afternoon and had to go for a 10 miler which was something, seeming slow and feeling a little sore still somehow managed a 1:37:00 -- 10m. It's a little irratated today but both legs are or have a weird ache to them anyway. Which I think would go if I would just get more than 4 hours of good sleep sitting in my chair infront of my desk and would actually lay downin bed.

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