Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st good run in a while but OOooooo!!

What do you have to watch when getting back in the groove. Well its not do a P90X plyometrics for an hour and there was more to that program I just was dead and then the next day, that would have been yesterday I dd 10 miles on the track at the YMCA. Yea I call myself a trailrunner and I'm running there. Well my daughter wanted to go workout and there were possible severe Storms coming and i was not going stupid the wife said.

Though it really had not been that bad after the first 28 laps then went to cruise. I started to pass people that just couldn't hang for the duration which felt damn good there. Then I seen the ones just a little less fortunate in running ability. Trudging an pulling along in that ever forward motion not giving in or stoping that was something to see.  this was in the handicaped area I'll put it that way. Where a lot of times you won't see that normally I just said to one "Ever foreward all day" when it looked as if they needed that lift. As they did. I just say it was cool to just see them run because they wanted to. Not to just make that appearance.

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