Saturday, March 6, 2010

Talking a freind into a 100k!!

A freind and I find one or the other most times around the trail or lake out havin some fun running and then tag along with the other till we have to actually be done an kick out 10 to 23 miles with out a thought.
This year though he's only ever raced a half marathon whenever he's raced and and I have the brillant idea to talk him into a 100k. Yea I'm an ---, and your thinking what am I doing to this poor guy. Before that he did do every distantance run I did last year for my 50m ultra with no problem. He knows it will be tough and it will hurt but will be one of the best feelings of accomplishment you can have. Well a little convincement he's going and and one if not a couple others a girl and guy with most or half of us just going just to finish. It's going to be a fun run to see how far we can push ourselves. For all 4 of us it will be our 1st all night run I believe and should be a blast!
Other then that trainings been going well with 40m a week and about 45m on the trainer. With a lot of push up's and crunches being on the daily burn. Achilles feeling better with icy hot an wrap at nite along with a long yoga stretch program for runners is doing good. For me it's to just finish both of my races because I just have this feeling this is my one shot to get it done. It should be a fun training run in July for the 100m in October.

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