Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dentist = painless running

Getting it done and doing the miles that need to be had. No excuses and no whining to be able to get it all done this year. 3 weeks now into training and putting in a little trainer action on the bike also. Then I had the rest day but wanted to run anyway I thought 10 but opted for 5 I wanted to get a good long run this weekend just to test it. An thank god I did I hurt and ached and cramped for 4.5 of the whole run that I finished and which had been getting worse all week and could not figure out why. I found out the next morning brushing teeth and I shouldve known from the last 3 races. Getting going and a week and a half before each race I've had one hellish cavity and there it was. Calling the dentist mine has always got me in that day an never like the wifes wanting me to wait till Friday. I don't think so!! 30oz water and 2:30 later I was of an running and almost pain free. The doc says he does not think it's the reason but there's nothing else to explain it and it even better today. Now I'm back to my 1:30:00 --- 10 milers an lovin it again.

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