Thursday, May 20, 2010

The good the bad an I really don't know!

Will I be ready I really don't know that 100k is coming up quick and since the dog that leg has not been up to par. Everytime it seems going well it goes into some relaps. So I've just been taking it slow and just getting the miles I need and not the times I want with not pushing more than needed. With that said it has not been all rosie because there has been quite a bit of pain with what I believe was and is a stress fracture. I would sure just wish for the days of the slight pain from the achillies in the heal anymore. As of last week I am still on schedule for the mileage for the training period of 45 miles for the week but no speed to think of or ability to go very much further because of pain not stamina.

On the good side it does seem to be getting better thur- sun will be a big test as it is a very and cannot be stressed enough very big wkend. It is a 10, 10, 5hr an 2hr runs to end off the week. I so hope to be able to pull this off ad it is all in the mind. Everything os possible you just have to believe it. Just the 3 hills I train on.

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