Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little runnng an no whining.

Since the last post there was little running the right leg is just messed up. I got a few 6 easy milers in slowly the knee from the dog and a strained muscle now it seems from the same. Then mothers day and tried to walk as much as possible to keep it loose but just didn't seem to work plus it didn't help the wife said I needed to just take a few more days to heal. I.don't think it has because I did a polymetrics P90X session for an hour. I was done an the muscle was strained I could feel. Though helping out at Numana a charity sending food to starving people through a organization so it gets there to the schools an not the black market, I had the local reporter say well have to do a running story later. First I have no reason want it in the paper because I've tried to stay away from that. But for the couple of people that have complained there tired of seeing the catfish story and want to see something else. I will still believe it when I see it though. Well I'm at least going to give it a trial run tonight we'll see how it goes. I said this before but this 100K is not looking good at the moment.

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