Sunday, July 4, 2010


This recovery week that just past after a week of 10's or more an then the 5 hour run. The last week I had the same week of 4 10's the a 2.5 hr then a 2 hr run which was pretty good for the mind strenghing where it was hot again. To get drained on Saturday and come back for it again on Sunday and finsh off what I needed to get done felt good.

Now unfortunately a couple or 3 weeks later I've done 4 marathons in the last 5 Saturdays. Making it a rest day on fathers day. To recoupe I am and then was feeling pretty good about the progress I'm making going out in the heat of the day getting 12's done. The ankle hasn't bothered me much till last nite. It still didn't stop a good 12 in 2 hrs. Starting off in 100 deg and ending in 96 deg it was a good run.

Then I just kept falling asleep at my desk at home an waking up at 3 in the morning .

Traimg 4 total marathons. 1 X 70 mile week with the race now 20 days away. One last week to do somthing might not have done yet. I think one good strength week left or  a night run.

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