Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day of work and no play

Another cold day. I wish these 40's for highs would get. By the time it gets good enough I'm having to be on the garage, cleaning leaves, recycling, x-mas lights and the hardest thing to do is get rid of 2 bikes. Ordered to be gone today. They were ones I fixed up and saved from the trash. Then the yearly calander we make get it fixed up for pictures. Then get dvd's made of all are VHS tapes of our daughter. What great fun. while she went to craft shows and spent money on what I believe are worthless overpriced junk. I found I am now working at the part-time job for someone from 12 to 8:30. I am to be leaving there but still show up just as much as if I was on the schedule. The dissapointment for some. So If I am to get anything in tomorrow I had better be quick with this. It's been 20's in the morning and 40's for highs. I cannot waite for the cold spell to move on. I guess on the bright side she couldn't find anything really not done or out of place. Which is a good thing. I will try to get the daughters duel-tri race posted from the spring. Which was a lot better than this. I am going to try to get out in the morning and It's going to be cold.

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