Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beautiful night for a run

Out and about on a beautiful night for a run about 50 deg and a breeze. One 5 mile bike and a 3 mile run on a treadmill in the garage. Dark and the streets were pretty quiet but the bike lite up with tail light blinker and blinking front light with wheel lights no one to miss me unless there blind. A 5 mile bike with a time of 20:50 and a run of 24:23. How this happens is beyond me with not being as regular as I should. I go for times and expect to get burnt but just keep getting better. Though I guess I'm just out there more for the time being just to have fun. Maybe and hopefuly I can keep that up. I did lose keys on the last mile of the bike and when I found them they had been run over and just one key was broke at the keyring hole. Can you get to lucky.

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