Friday, December 28, 2007

Guess we'll call it down time

Since the last time we did get the snow of what they said 5 to 7. I think a little more than that and all of that during the day. It made getting home not the easiest things to do what usually takes 35 minutes took 2 1/2 hours. Getting home was the amazing thing when I got stuck in the parking lot of work and the main crossroad freeway and there was no snowdrift to get stuck in. I caught it for calling to see if there was someones place I could go till they started to blade the roads. I was told to man up the guy is not to call the women on stuff like that. Well she was 2 hours north at the grandparent house for an early X-mas. Not knowing what is was really like till she got back X-mas eve. Then didn't think is was as bad as people said.

We'll eve and Christmas day went fairly well considering the grandparent were not here for the 1st time in 12 years. With the first storm that gave us 4 inches and them ice, popie fell twice and cracked ribs and brused lung the second that pounded us. He was not feeling well to drive down.Santa Claus stopped by as always being as loud and boisterous as ever. On Christmas my daughter got everything that she wanted and more than needed and my wife got what she wanted from the list. That just curtails the having to go back and return at the store. There I'll say I got a new "inexpincive" road bike. The snow and the ice is kind of killing getting to test it out. After this week though I'd let it set in the garage till it rusts and ride the good old Fuji Sports 10(1973) for all the trouble I've received for getting it for X-mas.

It's been to busy to late, cold or snowing and sleeting. Now melting and the roads are running with water, dirt and sand. I think I'll get out there today weather or not. Hopefully put an end to this down time everybody should take a few weeks break at least one time during the year. But now it's time to get up off the duff. It's great to just have to work 1 job now and altough it's everyday wouldn't go back to working 1 full and 1 part-time job again. Though the only wrench in the works of training is I am to be going to 2nd but still on 1st shift and rumour has it I not going to 2nd either.

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