Sunday, December 2, 2007

So much for the copay and weekend

Well the first I strained a tendon pretty good and got all fixed up. But I've had a better straightening at the chiropractor. It was all good though till at a time that it was popped back out. Withstanding how that happened. At least he said that it would probably be better that for at least for a week or 2 that instead of running. It would be better to bike as much as I'd like to keep the pounding off the strain but would keep the movement in the hip/leg area. Which was good for me I need a little more base for bike anyway. Not that it's a great alarming one to begin with but still trying to keep something. I though still never did get to go cold morning and then honey-do's and then work for Saturday. The 12p.m. nights get pretty tough to get up early in the morning Then Sunday it only got to 40 and windy. then Christmas lights to get up and moving the house around for the same. Then all I got to say it gets dark way to damn early. Then weekend pretty much blown but got allot of stuff done around the house. It made the wife happy though.

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