Sunday, August 12, 2007

8/11/07 16 mile bike 1 mile run and alot of work to do

It was great finally a 16 mile bike and 1 mile run in 1h 20m. Not a record time but good for me for not being able to get out very often with 2 jobs and whatever else comes up. With feet hurting and taking inflammatory med's. It's good to get on the road. Trying to do some small brick workouts not really going by any real plans. Just going out to have some fun. I wanted to do the Salty Dog Tri but with the foot problem It was hell just walking. Now getting back at it after six weeks of pain. There's really no way to be ready in a week.

3 goals for the next year
  1. Get job at 1 of 3 plants.
  2. Do the Wichita or the Eisenhower marathon in spring 2008
  3. Be ready to finish a 70.3 Triathlon fall 2008

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