Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Thought of a kid's Tri

The town quit doing the local festival and Becca want to do a Tri. Hmmmm. Chamber of commerce here I come (AM I BRAIN DEAD). I asked if there was a way to get a kid's tri going.
Giving reasons that it the only in southern Kansas, would give the kids in area something to work on in summer, and publicity for the town. Here's the best part the lady said she always wanted to do something like that but would need some help. Would I want to help organize this little project. Well yea, but now thinking what the _ _ _ am I getting into. I haven't the first clue.
Updates later on this. If anyone reads this and has a hint or two or is just plain saying what an idiot feel free to comment.

We have not been able to go do anything lately. This dammed global warming gave us some snow and dipping temps right before Easter and Church, plus work and family over. She is keeping up on the crunches though for the long runs and keeping the cramps to a minimum.

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