Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shaking out the rust

A boy wanted to race Becca around the playground at school she and 4 other girls in the neiborhood were to be practicing softball but instead scocccer. Becca had he all the way but at the end you, I and the 3 girls could see she let him win. We did get in a little softball.

Shaking out the rust is just what this run was for. Nothing fast, no pressure. A 2 mile that mom wanted us to do or just bike for 20 min. Becca knew we could blow more time on just a 2 mile jog than 20. For that today though we were better off and safer. Though she was complaining that her legs hurt. I tried to get her mind off of it and I just hadn't found the 1 main thing that was making her mad today out of the thousand things Becca said there was. It was not a very happy 1 mile but the 2nd was different. I found the thing that was bugging her. The dog that ran in front of us and almost got hit didn't hurt either. Except for the very short stop for the dog. Becca went all the way not stopping. When I told her when we got back home she realized that you just have to occupy the brain and she for got all about the pain. Next is a big bike for saterday. Till then. See ya!!!!

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