Sunday, September 9, 2007

New 5k PR I'm jacked

Sunday who wants to get up and run? Me aye not so much. I blew it off thought we were church going today. Nope aye not so much, we didn't make church either. I am kind of waiting on my daughter to get up and want to go to train for the race on 10/6. that did not happen either. Our garage doors did finally arrived today LOWES ONE OF THE COMPANIES LEADING THEWAY TO GIVE UP U.S. SOVERITY. Thats another rant just call then to take the spanish off the signs and recording for the 800 #. They spent millions to put it on lets have them spend millions to take it off. Well work came had to be there at 1 p.m. off at 5. Home to grill, clean and take the dogs to get there run in. When do I get mine well it was at 9:30 pm doing a 5k timed (OK there all timed)run and it was beautiful after yesterday doing a 26 mile bike. It was a new PR 23:08 and it is going down. Hopfully under 22:00 by 10/6. Any Idea's if anyone actually reads this.

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